Jan 29, 2015

How to make: A Bassinet Diaper Cake

Hi all !! 

I haven't posted for a long time!
Sorry for that, I've started working full time and I don't have much 'Me time' anymore.
I'm finally managing to have more 'me time' so here I am ! 

So my sister in law had her beautiful baby boy & I made (with a little help of my husband) a bassinet diaper cake!!! (she can still use all the diapers!)
It's something different than the normal gifts you give someone who just gave birth.
It's something more original & more personal (because I made it myself)

It's very easy to make, everybody can make it ! 
(I'm not a professional, I do it my way & I like it this way)

321, here we go! 

  • We start off by getting everything we need to make it.
A box (I have a shoebox), scissors, diapers, elastics, a piece of fabric (I took white because it blends with my colors), tape & ribbons of any color you like (I have Blue for a boy)

  • Take a diaper and roll it up, secure it with an elastic. Do this with mostly all of the diapers... I just made a few & when I noticed I needed more, I made a few more. 

  • Take the shoe box and the fabric, we are going to 'wrap' the box with the fabric, so it looks better then just a 'box'
    I only cover the edges  because this is the only thing you can see when the diapers are around and on it.
    I first tried the fabric on the box, then cut it, so it wasn't as big, and could fit better.
    Once it's cut (see pic 3) you'll see it fits alot better.
    Now take tape to secure it everywhere.
    To make it easier to hold & tape the fabric, just put a few pieces of tape on your table so you just have to take it!
    I just made sure my corners were looking good & if it was secure enough on the back.
    On the last pic you see how it looks like when this part is finished.
    Now we have a 'pretty' box.

  • Place the diapers you rolled up around the box.
    Take your ribbon & place this around to secure it.
    Now make a tie/knot to make sure it's really secure.
    For this I had a little help from my husband, this is really tricky, you need to be sure that when you lift up your box the diapers can't move...
    Let someone help you to make the tie/knot.
    When this is done you can make sure your ribbon is on top of every elastic (of the diapers) 

  • For a little extra you can make a bow.
    Just take a piece of ribbon and make it double.
    Place your finger in the middle and secure it with tape.
    Now you have a little bow!
    Place this on top of the tie/knot and cut the large pieces of ribbon.

  • To make this bassinet complete you take the lid of the shoe box and cut it in half.
    Place this inside the box, against the edges.
    Now place diapers to cover everything!
    Secure these diapers again with ribbon.
    Let someone help you to secure this very well.
    Always try to lift the 'bassinet' to see no diapers fall. (So you know it's secure enough)
    The back is looking really weir now, so I just pushed 4 more rolled diapers in it so it looks like everything else (diapers, diapers everywhere!!!) 

  • I took more ribbon to make the 'final touch'

  • The 'bassinet' looks really empty now, you can take a teddy bear with a blanket to put it inside or you can use your remaining diapers to make a matress & baby out of it.
    For the baby I just took one rolled up diaper (painted a face on it) & put a ribbon around the elastic & then I took another diaper and placed it around him/her like a sleeping bag and again, ribbon!
    I put the diaper baby on the diaper matress & made a diaper blanker.
    So many diapers... 

  • We are Finished !!!
    You can make it like you want it, with the colors & stuff inside.
    Have fun making it ! 
Little June wants diapers...

Any questions, just ask! 


  1. This is adorable. I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow so this is my evening project.

  2. Can anyone provide the number of diapers you need? Qtys are important to pre-construction shopping

  3. Just did it! Love it! So easy to make... Instead of a diaper blanket I placed the blanket I made in crochet and sunflower instead of baby!

  4. How did you get the 4 in the back of the lid to stay? I'm not confident that tying them in place with the ribbon is going to keep all in place, how could I reinforce them?

  5. Double sided sticky tape works and is easily removed.

  6. Double sided sticky tape works and is easily removed.